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~Welcome !~
Hi Hi Maplers, I'm Miaka from Maple Story Windia server *MSG* o0Miaka0o ~

I'm putting up this blog so I can be a proper merchant till my store is back (if I get good responses I'll keep it even after my store is back ^^ )

I'll put here a list of items I have and the rate they'll be sold at, no not like Basil, that's an auction thing, this place is on demand, there's a fixed price for all items and I'll provide on demand too ^_^

So for now this is just an intro wait for the items list to come up ^_^ you can start messaging me with your requests once it's up ^_^ Don't forget to leave your username with your msgs so I may find you online, oh and this is in a test version so It's available to the Windia users only ><" Gomen Nasai ><"

Happy Mapling ^_^ and Thank You Basil for these images ~^_^~

Friday, November 16, 2007

Maple Story The Anime ~ Episode 1 Part 3

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