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Hi Hi Maplers, I'm Miaka from Maple Story Windia server *MSG* o0Miaka0o ~

I'm putting up this blog so I can be a proper merchant till my store is back (if I get good responses I'll keep it even after my store is back ^^ )

I'll put here a list of items I have and the rate they'll be sold at, no not like Basil, that's an auction thing, this place is on demand, there's a fixed price for all items and I'll provide on demand too ^_^

So for now this is just an intro wait for the items list to come up ^_^ you can start messaging me with your requests once it's up ^_^ Don't forget to leave your username with your msgs so I may find you online, oh and this is in a test version so It's available to the Windia users only ><" Gomen Nasai ><"

Happy Mapling ^_^ and Thank You Basil for these images ~^_^~

Friday, November 16, 2007

Maple Story The Anime ~ Info !

Ah!!!!! I got this from Wiki ~

MapleStory (anime)
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This article is about the anime. For the original game for Windows Pc Online Game, see MapleStory.

メイプルストーリー(Meipuru Sutori)
Adventure, Fantasy , Action
TV anime
Takaaki Ishiyama
Madhouse Studios
BS Japan, TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, TV Tokyo, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd
Original run
October 7, 2007March 2008
MapleStory (メイプルストーリー, Meipuru Sutori?) is an anime based on the popular Online Game MapleStory. It started airing on October 7, 2007, after Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
1 Synopsis
2 Characters
3 Episodes
4 Music
5 See Also
6 External Links

[edit] Synopsis
Ten years ago, the World Tree that protected peace and order of the world was being targeted by an evil organization called the Zakun. The Human race led four other races in a fight against the Zakuns. In the end, the World Tree activated self-destruction to protect itself. However, the other races thought it was the Human race that destroyed the World Tree. Since then, a never-ending war between the different races began.
Ten years later, the main protagonist, Al, determines to revive the World Tree. Al and his companions begin their journey to seek the seed of the World Tree. At the same time, the Zakuns reappear…

[edit] Characters
Al Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima
The main protagonist of the anime. He is the son of the warrior 'Grande'. He dresses up like a monster because humans are considered enemies to other races. He likes doing random training and is mainly seen carrying a heavy stone behind him. His main weapon of choice seems to be the wooden sword that he carries on his back.
Nina Voiced by: Aya Endo
The strongest magician in the magician village Seron Ellinia. Also the village chief, but somewhat conceited.
Based off the in-game monster, 'Orange Mushroom'. Loves collecting shiny stones. He was chased by the warriors of Perion when they thought that he had a World Tree Seed. He collects those stones to make a present for his mother.
Ariba Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa
One of the first antagonists that is shown in the anime. He follows Krone. His character is based off the in-game monster 'Samiho'.
Barrow Voiced by: Hidenobu Kiuchi
He is the leader of Seron Henesys (Archers) on Maple Island. So far, there is no in-game monster that resembles him.
Krone Voiced by: Nana Mizuki
The second antagonist introduced that Ariba works for. Not much is known about her up to this point. Her character resembles the in game monster Lucida. She is constantly trying to find items to keep her face soft and moist, including snails. She also becomes very angry when she learns that someone is on a date and she is not.
Podu Voiced by: Rica Matsumoto
Nina's pet based off the in-game monster 'Ribbon Pig'. Often tries to run away from Nina.
Gallus Voiced by: Taiten Kusunoki
One of the leaders of the Seron Perion (Warriors) on Maple Island. His character is based off by the in-game monster 'Muscle Stone'.
Anji Voiced by: Takeshi Kusao
A Kargo thief. Not much else is known yet. He somehow has a connection with Al's father, Grande.
Appears to be the main antagonist of the series. He is the leader of the Zakuns. Ariba and Krone work for Zakteman. 10 years ago, Zakteman appeared on Victoria Island to steal the power of the World Tree for himself. His character resembles the in- game monster 'Ergoth'.

[edit] Episodes
1 - Al and his companions
2 - Al and Nina
3 - Friendship is a good thing
4 - Al's True Identity
5 - We're All Friends!
6 - Stolen Heart
(Only the first 3 episodes translated)

[edit] Music
Opening Theme
"Scratch on the Heart" by Younha
Ending Theme
"Kokoro no Kagayaki" by Fumiko Orikasa

After that i tried looking up the net for the anime and found some stuff on YouTube *will add later* and to be honest, the character design disappointed me... THIS from MadHouse And ANIPLEX !!! like hearing which's name you get Card Captor Sakura and Fullmetal Alchemist in your mind you at least expect something even mildly upto it but when you watch the actual thisng it's like you'll go "...." and after that "WHAT !!!!! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING THIS IS SOME BIG MISTAKE!!!!" trust me on this one -_- the design is so unbelivably corrupted ! you just cannot make out that it's been made in this age and this year of high tech anime -_-'' although the storyline seems alright and interesting, the thing isn't dubbed yet, although the people familiar with subbed anime they might be able to catch things here and there and it seems fun enough... but one just can't help thinking... if they had only designed it a 'little' bit better...


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